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    Evaporator Coil Cleaning Help

    I noticed a musty smell when I turn on the AC, so I researched and found that my evaporator coil might need to be cleaned. So I opened up the panel where it should be, and it looks very different from the ones i have seen online. The ones I have seen are A-framed, and either this one has only one side or the other side is obscured and I need to take more things apart to get to it completely. Can someone look at the photos and let me know if what I see is the entire thing, or how I could access the other side of it? its a goodman from 2007Name:  1IMAG0150.jpg
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    When was the last time you had a good PM done? the smell may have nothing to do with the coil.

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    What is PM? Routine Maintenance? Never actually. You first suggest I have someone do a "tune up" of my AC system?

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    yes i do, if you had no routine maintenance performed since 2007.. this will be a good time. They will be able to tell you if the coil needs cleaning and perhaps explain why you have some smells.

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