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    Furnace installed this weekend for a friend

    Lennox SLP98
    Lennox icomfort wifi thermostat
    Lennox cabinet and merv 16 filter
    Lennox bypass humidifier
    new electrical to panel
    new pvc (used to be 3")
    new return from transition down
    new transition to a coil on supply

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    Nice to see someone use metal... Where is the coil? no ac?

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    You're a good friend

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    nice work, glad to see a proper return air size. Also love the sheetmetal work, I've never used ductboard even on swap outs with existing db we use metal and tie in to the db.

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    looks nice, I don't get any residential work in at work anymore. only on the weekends.

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    Nice sheet metal, but one thing I would have done differently; you should reverse the return reducer to allow the connection at the filter to promote better air flow across the filter. I try to lower the velocity around filters in order for them to load up more evenly. In some cases we install turning vanes in tight locations.

    Here is a picture of an install done in this way. The discoloration from water damage is only on the surface, the builder had the roof off during a flash storm. Lucky the equipment was not in place, the camera flash picked up lost of dust particles, but you can see the return fitting. We also like sheet metal, on most jobs we use little or no flex duct.

    On this job we removed a gas fired steam boiler replacing with a three story duct job and this furnace. I tried to sell a Merv 10 filter case to these folks but granite counter tops won out. The trunk duct on this one was 14x16 for 3 tons of cooling, the equivalent length was pretty high as I remember, friction was about .045.
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    "In some cases we install turning vanes in tight locations." - AtticAce

    i knew i liked you! i had an old timer tell me many years ago that if i added one turning vane at the throat of the elbow, i could get a lot of the benefit of turning vanes without having to install the other vanes in the elbow. it works.
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    Nice work!

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    Nice job Cody. I like that you elevated appliance off the floor.

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    Yep turning veins, when I would do the trane clean effects I would always use them. Looks great nice job

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyed View Post
    Nice to see someone use metal... Where is the coil? no ac?
    Got your back on the sheet metal was worried everybody on this site was ruined with duct board

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