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    Boiler VS Furnace

    What makes a boiler better than a furnace or the other way around? Which one do you prefer? And why? tin-and-wind or hydronics

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    For heating in the great northeren temperate zones, nothing compares to hot water heat.
    Quiet, efficient, simple, even and accurate.
    Drawbacks are not being able to ad A/C or humidifiers.
    But still, I would take hot water over scorched air, any day.
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    Many options available with hot water heat. High efficiency boilers, radiant floor heating, baseboard, domestic hot water production, ice and snow melt. Also you can do hybrid systems with radiant floor heating in the basement, and an air handler to heat the main floor, and have a/c too. Could also do floor warming in select areas, such as bathrooms & kitchens.

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    The initial cost of a boiler doubles a furnace of equal output, and that’s the biggest drawback in my opinion.
    I like the air over deal, beside the A/C factor; humidification and dehumidification are essential in some climates. Go with a high efficiency furnace.

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