We had our home built approximately 2.5 years ago(approximately 2100sq currently with 600 to be finished in the near future). I worked as the general contractor. The hvac was subbed out to a family friend hvac person who had a family operated hvac company in major metropolitan area for over 30 years. Our living room, kitchen/dining, and foyer area are essentially one great big room. The living room has 16' cathedral ceiling and the dining room has 12' cathedral ceiling. The living room also goes to a loft area to the second story of the house(which is not finished yet). We have always have problems with the living,foyer, and dining/kitchen area being either warmer in the summer or cooler in the winter than our bedroom areas.

I have created a very rudimentary drawing of the hvac layout and wanted to get opinions on your thoughts about the design. All duct work in located in the basement. Each room has it's own run and supplies are located in the floor underneath the windows in each room.

Equipment information is below..

Trane 4TEE3F49B1000BA handler variable speed
Trane 4TWR5048E1000AB heat pump xr15

what information should I know about this equipment?

I am concerned that our runtimes during cooling are very short which is primarily due to the living room, kitchen/dining room not receiving enough supply.

Are 5 6" supplies enough for an area of essentially 900 square feet with 16' and 12' vaulted ceilings. If our thermostat is set on 75 with 90 degree outside temp the living,foyer,dining/kitchen will be approximately 77 degree and the bedroom area will be 74 degrees.

I am looking to call someone in to get some other opinions but wanted to get the most information that I could before then.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this post. I appreciate your input.

Hindsight is 20/20!(wish I would have found this place before the build)

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