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    Fireplace blower air vents position?

    I purchased a 1 story home built in 1979. The fireplace is a wood burning Superior brand, model HC38. There is an external intake vent and blower motor mounted in the wall next to the firebox. The blower unit has an attached air duct which blows the heated air up through two air pipes and out of two vents attached to the wall. My question is, the air vents are connected to the top of the firebox and extend 39 inches above the firebox which puts the vents at a very high spot in the wall. I would like to shorten the air pipes so that the vents are located lower within the fireplace surround and I can then tile around them. This would be a much cleaner and attractive finish. I have tried to find information on this fireplace model but to no avail. I have contacted a few Superior dealers in my area but no one seems to want to take the time to answer me back. Is there any reason that these air pipes cannot be lowered?

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    You will need to find the manufacturers instructions and follow their requirement on this. Usually mfg are VERY specific about where there vent need to be located.


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