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    Trane Absorber Bromide Filter Change Procedure?

    I'm an apprentice and have been tasked recently with changing the lithium bromide filters on several Trane absorbtion chillers. I know very little about absorbers or how they work. I was just shown where the filter is, how to valve it off, and get it changed.

    I have done a couple now and there has to be a better way! No matter what I try, I can't quite keep a hold of the canister as it drops, bromide splashes everywhere, and it's just an overall mess.

    I can't seem to find any info on any type of procedure that might exist. Are there any tried and true techniques out there to make this a not-so-miserable process?

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    I think you,ve got the procedure down pack. Its going to be a mess no matter how you do it. JMHO
    Your poor planning does not constitute an emergency on my part!!!!

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    If this filter is like all the filters I have seen supplied by Trane it has a drain plug on the cartridge housing. So drain it first, then disassemble, then no more mess. If no drain plug I cannot give an answer without seeing the set-up. Since you are an apprentice and "know very little about absorbers" I would advise after re-assembling the filter that you pull a vacuum on it and leak check it before re-opening any valves. Rule #1 with absorbers is keep the air out. Be anal about not purposely allowing air into the machine. The small amount of time needed to leak check it when you are done is nothing compared to the time it may take someone else to hunt down a small air leak on a running machine.

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    If you still need help on this send me the model number of the absorber and I can send you the procedures for that machine on changing the filter. Make it a lot easier my friend. Also LiBrman is dead on with his recomendations. Makes it a nightmare for tech's that end up chasing leaks after hours..

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