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    Quote Originally Posted by mikelcs View Post
    carriers old network service tool is a great program too. you can build a device list but it does not hold the actual database of the controllers. easy to use though.
    Actually Network Service Tool does maintain a database. It has two sections Online & Carrier Controls. The carrier controls does maintain a database

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    6400 DDC

    Let me ask the experts here.

    I am new to the forums here, as I found it on a google search.

    In my job I have to do a lot of estimates, the requirement for this particular quote I'm doing atm is a Carrier Model 6400 DDC electronic control system.

    I have no Idea about the cost of this as I am not familiar with it. My Carrier rep is out of touch now even. Does anyone know about a budget price on this system per chance?

    Thanks in advance for your insight

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    Any bets for how long the piece of string is??

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