Antonio Villaraigosa is at the end of his term.
he's a former member of the Hispanic racist organization La Raza (the race)
he ran for mayor and won.
it seemed for a while he was being groomed to be the first Hispanic President but it seems he failed to understand how the game is played.
he ended up getting divorced.
he criticized the school system for continuing to produce a high number of Hispanic drop-outs.
when the budget went sour he tried to work with Gov Arnold and he committed the big no-no by cutting back hours of the government unions.
(unions believe any budget crisis can be solved by taxing the public)
he was involved with a number of tax hikes, most of them not approved by voters.

now that he's leaving the media had been following him around calling him "the broke mayor"
half of the 1.6 million he was paid for being mayor went to child support.
the media says he was buying $2000 suits and ordering $100 bottles of wine at dinner.
(how is that diffrent from every other politician he have here?)

the media says he has no car and currently no place to live.
Villaraigosa made light of the accusations by acting like he was trying to hitch a ride on the 405 freeway.

Villaraigosa says he expects to find a job in a college or a "think tank"

one thing is for sure, the left-wing machine in Los Angeles hates his guts

Garcetti just won the election "Los Angeles' first Jewish mayor"
his father Gil Garcetti was a long time council member.
his grandfather was a judge in Mexico who was hung in the revolution