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    the company i work for is having the guy that is on call on friday give a class,well i'm on call this friday and would like as much info on pneumatics,since i don't know that much about it,websites,manuals etc.
    thanks for any help

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    What? Who? Where?
    Chapter 3 is on pneumatics.

    kontrol out
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    Pneumatic Control Terms

    Pneumatic Control Terms

    Controller – A device that receives an input from a sensor and outputs the appropriate signal.
    Controlled Variable – The substance that your trying to maintain, temperature, humidity, air flow etc…
    Controlled Device – Normally an actuator which operates a valve or damper. Could be an input to another controller.
    Throttling Range – The total change of the controlled variable required to move the controlled device fully.

    Sensor – (Transmitter) A device that measures the controlled medium, air , water, humidity, etc…

    Range – The actual parameters of a sensor or transmitter, 0 – 100 F, 0.5” Wc – 1.5” Wc, 5% - 95% RH.

    Span – The difference between the low and high ranges.

    Sensitivity – Change in pressure per unit change.

    Thermostat – Built in sensor combined with controller.

    Single Input Controller – A controller with one remote sensor or transmitter.

    Dual Input Controller – A controller with two remote sensors or transmitters.

    Proportional Band – The percentage of the sensor span used to generate a change in the output of the controllers P-Man.

    P-Man – Pressure of the manufacturer, Powers – 5 PSI, Honeywell – 10 PSI, Robertshaw 13 PSI.

    Authority – The amount of control the reset controller has on a dual input controller.

    Gain – Johnson Control term to equate the comparison of a 1 PSI input change to output relationship.

    Ratio – Johnson Control term to express the control the reset loop has on the primary loop in percentage.
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    Robertshaw puts out a booklet on basic pneumatics. Don't remember what its called but it is brown & tan. Very easy reading!
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    Thumbs up Simlpe and basic start

    Instead if using electricity to control or move something mechanical or mechanical/electrical, you use pneumatic air. You have a constant air pressure say 20 PSI that goes to some type of device, we will say T = thermostat. The T senses a temperature change and the constant air 20 PSI going into the T is regulated and aloud to pass through the T and back out to a piece of equipment at a regulated amount say 3 PSI. The equipment could be a valve. The 3 PSI leaving the T starts to stroke the valve to a position that either heats or cools as the demand changes the PSI also changes in turn the valve changes.

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    Try this textbook, 8 chapters on multimanufacturer pneumatics, with lots of photos, calibration procedures, etc. Also has a CD w/quizzes

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    Quote Originally Posted by HVAC Teacher View Post
    Robertshaw puts out a booklet on basic pneumatics. Don't remember what its called but it is brown & tan. Very easy reading!
    Not many of those left around here but I will send you one if you give me a ship to address....
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