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Thread: Arizona jobs

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    Arizona jobs

    Has anyone heard of United Dairymen of Arizona? I have a lead for a job with them. Company I'm working for now just cut hrs. To 32 a week. what a joke, can't live part time with child support due each month.

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    looks like ranching... lots of company's trying to move to part time to bypass obamacare...

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    just letting you know that i recently resigned from a local school district as there HVAC tech if you are looking for a steady fulltime job that you can for sure grow old at.. The pay isnt that great but the benefits are pretty awesome.. I only resigned because i grew tired of being pigeon holed there.. best of luck in your search

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    What do you mean pigeon holed, is it a good career working for the school district or just another job

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    its great for a career move if you are at the end and dont want to learn any more.. its the same thing, with the same equipment over and over again.. alot of down time and then when summer hits your non stop till the middle when everything is caught up.. You will not learn anything new and you might as well as forget on furthering your education because most dont have the budget for that.. Dont get me wrong, it was a great place to be with a steady paycheck year round with great benefits, but the pay is low and the advancement is even lower.. so again, if your content to monday-friday 6am-2pm with weekends and holidays off and EXTREMLY LOW pay, then its perfect.. i would suggest working in the field for a bit and learn your trade before settling in for the comfortable ride.. but thats just my opinion.. best of luck and wishes to everyone..

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    Dairy. Does the term Dairy air, ring a bell. Thats where the saying comes from. I have worked at several independent dairys. You will be washing digested grass out of condensor coils, you will carry a case of wasp spray with you, you will learn what a desuperheating xvalve is and your wife will know you where at a dairy, before you get in the door.

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