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Many thanks to all who replied.

To clarify: One shingle layer, attic ducts, lineset under ground (under the slab).

I suspect a combination of slightly dirty condensor mixed with ventilation that is just not keeping up. Now, could be NEW heat generated by the new roof or it could be the SAME heat just not ventilating as well with the new ridge vent.

The other possibility, as somebody pointed out, is maybe a slow leak. I did notice something today that I do not recall seeing before... On the liquid line where it connects to the drier outside of the condenser I am seeing what looks like little "blisters" in the copper at the braze joint. Would this by chance be a symptom if Puron had been slowly leaking? I will try to take a picture and see if I can figure out how to upload it....
its probably just excess solder on the joint, but a picture would confirm.