i looked into this case and it's something that only a fool would vote for. (hence Los Angeles)
this whole thing is created from left-wing hate of companies and ultimately gives power to unions.

i find it appalling that with all of the major problems in this country, this is what they feel they need to make an amendment about.

1) Direct corporate donations to politicians in exchange for favors are illegal , this proposed Amendment does nothing to change that. (obviously this happens every day anyways)

2) What we are talking about is independent efforts to support or slander candidates.
this IS a Constitutional right.

3) The current legal ruling says independent Corporations AND UNIONS have the right to freely do their own independent support for or against a politician.
The L.A. prop and proposed amendment only restricts corporate money, ..so what does that leave us with? freedom for unions to support or attack politicians, meanwhile all corporate money will be banned. (this is not an example of a free country)

4) This proposed amendment does nothing to keep the rich out of politics, as some people would think it might.
if an owner/CEO pays himself 100 million, he's free to spend his own money to support or slander candidates.

5) Incorporation itself, was created to give a business the same rights as a person, once again, this amendment would not change that

6) By voting for this amendment you would limit your own exposure to information

let's say a businessman wants to hit the jackpot and win public office.
he comes up with a plan to tax milk 200% and give it to the school system for "education".

the school unions, who would like to have more money to spend when they go to Vegas, would be able to collect money from their unions members, run independent ads on TV and tell everyone to vote for this guy.
Milk Farmers of America would not be able to use any on their own corporate money to buy time on TV and say , "hey! this guy is going to jack up the price of milk, and help run our companies out of business"

i don't want people silenced, corporate or not corporate.
if someone has something important to tell me about a candidate, i want to hear it, ...i'm a big boy, i can make my own decisions.

there was no rebuttal placed in the California ballot, voters knew nothing about this prop.