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Thread: 5th Ammendement

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    Quote Originally Posted by royc View Post
    I'm having a hard time believing were even having this conversation. To not incriminate yourself is so basic, there shouldn't even be a discussion about it.

    Yes I know the lady wasn't accused of a crime, but you all need to understand that this is a political football, and she knows it, they are using her as a sacrificial lamb, and the real question should be, why. She has been told NOT to reveal any higher ups, and she knows the consequences if she does, if its someone high enough, and I don't mean the POTUS, think she will blow their cover, she will be silenced, you can use your imagination as to how.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending her, she is a dirt bag just like so many in our government and the associated entities that run things.

    Anytime your main stream media is reporting on something this momentous, you have to ask who is pulling the strings, for nothing, and I mean nothing of this type, is ever let out, unless someone on top has approved it. All you have to do is look who the owners are, and their connection to other entities, and it will reveal the real agenda.

    If the Boston Martial Law lock down wasn't an eye opener, what will open your eyes ??, when they come for you it will be too late. It was right out of the Nazi playbook, and after seeing it and watching people cheering of how wonderful of a job they did chasing down one lousy wounded little teenager, I now know what my mother was referring to, about how when the situation arouse in Germany, there was little they could do about it, for it was to late. Not to mention today we have technology were Hitler and those Nazi monsters would have given their you know what, to have such powerful tools that this government has today.

    I can assure you that that billion dollar complex out west, wasn't build to combat terrorism alone. Think about it, every communication that is being done, will be saved and scrutinized, and for later perusal if needed.

    No government should EVER have this kind of power.

    Do some critical thinking and....


    Well lets see. Drones are flying over our land. American citizens, tied to terrorist activities, are being killed with the authority of our Potus. With no charges or trial being conducted. Basically 14th Amendment surpassed.
    FEMA has armored vehicles
    We're building walls on our borders. Innocent people are on no fly lists.
    Pat downs by the Feds of little children and wheel chair bound grandmas is common place.
    The IRS does not have to answer to Congress.
    Shall I go on?

    If there was ever a time to revolt, it is now 20-30yrs too late.

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    You are right there charred.... too late.

    The average american male today probably has 6.7 guns in his home and loads of ammo but put into a situation where he can fight for his country or just sit on his ass tweeting or posting to facebook.....

    I think we know the choice he has made.

    Outraged britons...or britishers or whatever you want to call those limey bastards have taken to the net......

    They should be taking to the streets and grabbing up muslims and impaling them on fence posts and sh*t....... but noooooooooo they have taken their outrage to the

    And... its the same here.
    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

    WE THE PEOPLE refers to THEM and not YOU.

    Chewbacca Mom 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tool-Slinger View Post
    Good question. I googled this answer:

    "Obstruction of Justice," or "Impeding a Police Investigation." Corney nailed it.

    I think basically, if you see a shooting, you can be in deep doo for withholding information. But if your buddy was the shooter and the shot fired from your car, you could plead the 5th and tell them you are not talking to anyone but your lawyer.
    True, you can be arrested for not talking to police, but you can be arrested for just about anything. Question is: Are silent witnesses being tried and convicted of obstruction for not talking to the police? I say no.

    Police are experts at bluffing testimony out of suspects and witnesses. I believe if you never uttered a word to them and waited for the them to arrest you for whatever charge they conjured up like obstruction, you could still never say a word to them under the fifth and they would eventually back off and drop all charges. They would only move forward with charges if they could implicate you in the original crime.

    I once had my truck stolen by gang members. The Persecutor wanted me to testify in court against them. I told him I was reluctant to do that because they knew where I lived. He said if I refused he would subpoena me and force me to testify. Something told me he was bluffing but it worked because I testified and took my chances with the gang members instead of the Persecutor.

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