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    Carrier AC Is it quiet?

    I am getting bids for a new heat/AC installed and would like the compressor moved to the side of the house so I don't hear it at all when I am sitting on my deck. However I don't want my neigbor to be mad since the location would be between our houses. They wouldn't see it but I don't want it annoying them either. It would be a Carrier 24APA530A03. The contractor says it is really quite.


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    Want a unit you can't hear get you a Maytag I have never heard one so quite we installed one and I could hardly tell it was running without my stethoscope.
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    Slow speed fan motor, swept wing fan blade, compressor cover, 68db rating. Yes, QUIET

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    You can get a Carrier 13 SEER Puron 38HDA front discharge and put it under deck,QUIET!!!
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    if you get into the higher seer rating units most will be so quiet that you will not be able to hear them but thay are so big. most of your 14 or 18 seer stuff you can almost not hear it running

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