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    Newly installed Trane XL15i and CleanEffects

    Forgive the ignorance but a newbie is in the house...

    I recently had a Trane XL15i, CleanEffects and a touchscreen thermostat installed (already have an existing furnace, Rheem) and whenever I run the Fan in manual mode to circulate the air in the house, the outside XL15i unit turns on as well as the fan in the furnace. Is this correct? I thought the fan from the furnace is all that is needed to circulate the air in the house. I'd like everyone's expert opinion before I bring this up with the installers. Thx.

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    Sounds like something is wired wrong..

    Don't turn on the fan, and call the company back to correct the problem since this was just installed.

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    Make sure that the system box on the thermostat is in the off selection, and then put the fan box in the on selection. If the outdoor unit is running in this position you have a problem.

    I was wondering if the contractor used a existing rheem coil or installed a new trane coil to match condensing unit. Rheem furnace, Trane coil, Trane condensing unit would be okay. Rheem furnace, Rheem coil and Trane condensing unit might be trouble?


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    It doesn't matter if the system is set to off, heat, or cool. The OD unit should not run just because the fan is set to on.
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    Did they tell you that putting the XL15i on an existing furnace means you get an ARI rating of 13 SEER? As long as you have the right CFM, no operational difficulties of 2 brands as long as the coil is right but to get anything above 13 SEER with a Trane, the matching furnace is required.

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