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    GE Zoneline,Sanyo or Amana heat pump?

    Hello everybody,I am trying to decide on the best quality of heat pumps to install in a motel(through the wall type).Everyone that I talk to tells me their companies products are the best(which is no surprise). I am not a heating /AC specialist, and would appreciate any feedback as to which products you may have experience with for reliability and energy conservation being my main concerns. Currently the motel has radiant heat tiles in the ceiling, and A/C units thru the wall, both are outdated and very inefficient. Thank you.

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    We sell GE units for one reason, GE has their own service. So we don't need to know how to fix them or worry about warranties. 1-800-GE-CARES.

    The 5800 heat pump is the quietest unit I've heard. The only one I know of that runs the comp and the strips at the same time. The 2800 and 3800 aren't that quiet.

    Some Amanas I've heard are quiet as well. They are 1 motor design so you will have lots more noise outside since the outdoor fan runs even when the compressor is off. Not as big of a deal at home but when you have a wall full of fans running, it adds up. There is a little more noise inside.

    Sanyos aren't as common but they built GE units for many many years - until recently. They are 2 motor models.

    If you are in a steamy climate, GE and Amana have models for extra humidity control.

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    Haven't worked on or sold them in some time but when I did, it was GE Zoneline all the way.
    Baldy has a good point, install em and forget em.
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    The GE Zoneline and Amana are more common. But the SANYO is much better unit the Japanese technology and quality are evident. But the cost is slightly higher.

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