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    noise coming up from downstairs fireplace to upper floors

    Well, this is probably a stupid question, but...
    We have three gas fireplaces on three levels one chimney- the below grade fireplace has never been used. My husband just installed a stereo system in the basement and now I hear everything coming up from that room through our upper fireplaces. (it is loud!) any ideas of what can be done? the flue is closed- thank you in advance for any suggestions...

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    is the fireplace used? if not you can stuff the damper with insulation.

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    We actually had gas logs and starter installed and once we lit it, there was terrible smoke coming out of the fireplace towards interior of the house and the fire would not stay lit... the flue was opened properly and the installer at the time said "the strength of the air current going up the house is not great enough to let it work..." When I had my builder look at it, he said he would have his HVAC guy look at it. That was years ago and we just never used it... I thought about just having it insulated (would keep out the cold, too- gets drafty in the winter). I spent a lot of money on the gas logs and would like to use it at some time in the future but I'd settle with having it just look cozy and not hear the noise coming out of my first floor fireplace.

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    Before you go burning your house down by insulating where it cannot go, please contact a hearth pro to inspect it first then make recommendations. The fireplace and chimney will act as a megaphone. If you stuff insulation in the chimney/vent, you might forget to remove it and smoke out the house. If these are wood burning fireplaces with gas log lighters and vented gas logs, there isn't much you can do--they installed the wrong type of fireplace. Only gas direct vent fireplaces should be installed in basements. The negative pressure in modern tight homes simply fights the draft in the chimney.

    If you want to do it right, have a qualified hearth inspector perform a level III inspection by opening walls to see if it is properly fireblocked or if exterior walls were properly weatherized.

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    As you said you are not using the bottom fireplace, I would have a Professional turn off the gas to that unit and cap it. Than if you have someone make an insulated panel (with handles ) to close up the front, you than provide both stopping the cold coming in and the noise from the new sound system from coming up to the first floor. If in the future you want to use that space you can remove the panel.

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