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The customer is never wrong. They might think they know what the problem is, but that doesnt make them wrong. You are in a SERVICE business, they are paying you for a service.You can sprinkle on what ever you want about service, but at the end of the day, its a service. They pay you for a service.

It is your job as a SERVICE technician to have the customer as #1. You have to listen to the customer to have an understanding of what it could be. You have to always be nice courteous to them, after all they are paying you. You have to explain what is wrong, why you think it went wrong, and the best solution for that particular customers needs. You need to educate the customer.This business is not a "fix it and go", any reputable company will tell you that.

At the end of the day they are paying your wage.

Thats rediculous to argue with a customer about anything. You need to sit them down, and have a conversation about it. Doing any sort of arguing to a customer is horrible.

"if you dont appreciate the fact that i answered your call there is no pleasing you" - your lucky they called you!, dont turn this the other way around. if they didnt call you, you would be out of business or have a job!

Just because you have been working for hours and hours, doesnt mean you can act like a butt. You should treat every customer the same, always #1 and always respectfull. You make it seem like your MOOD matters. You probably know this but customers dont care about your mood or how many hours you worked. They are paying you and deserve the best service that you can give them.

This is basic customer service 101. Go to a fast food restraunt, it takes them a while to make your food, and you complain to a manager, what happens? %99.99 of the time they will give you a free meal.

My point is customers complaining is the nature of the business, but you should always treat them #1.
So you're saying you don't have a single customer on your do not go back list?

Must be nice to get all the good ones, I've been to backwoods meth trailers, had customers stiff my boss on $1000+ on the bill, worked with a guy who had a gun pulled on him and warning shot fired, dogs that would attack and the HO wouldn't do anything about it, I'm sure there's more.

Sometimes it's in our best interest to fire a customer...