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    Question Mitsubishi control via Crestron

    We have a 6 zone Mitsubishi setup that consists of:
    • One MXZ-4B36NA feeding two PEADA18AA4 fan coils
    • One MXZ-3B30NA feeding one PEADA18AA4 and one SLZ-KA12NA
    • Two PUYA36NHA4 each feeding their own paired PEADA36AA5 fan coil

    I am trying to find the best way to control these from a Crestron unit (via TCP/IP or BACNet/IP).

    On the TCP/IP side, it looks like we're best off with a centralized controller (AG150, GB50, GB24, or G50 - most likely the GB24) that takes M-Net in. Crestron has free programs for talking to any of those 4 Mitsubishi centralized controllers ( - noting the up to 40 second delays on command confirmation) via TCP/IP. The issue then becomes getting the units to all speak M-Net. The SLZ unit can use a MAC-399IF adapter and the PUY units can use a PAC-SF81MA-E adapter to go to M-Net, but I can't seem to find anything for the PEAD units. Do they speak M-Net out of the box, is there an adapter I was unable to locate, or is this a lost cause?

    On the BACNet side, I can use some combo of the BacHD150, PAC-SK81SI, A1M, and A32M ... but, it really isn't clear to me what is needed where.

    We could also go ModBus... but, yeah - lost here too.

    Any thoughts or advice?

    PS. To add to the fun, we also have a radiant system that is controlled with Tekmar units. However, TCP, ModBus, and BACNet are pretty straight forward for Tekmar.

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    More info on my "40 second delay" comment... Crestron's guides read:
    All Mitsubishi devices communicating to each other via the M-Net Bus are speedy. There is latency, however, between the G50 and Crestron interface via Ethernet. This latency consists of 12s needed for the G50 to process and respond to an operation or monitoring command that it receives. This time period is not affected by the amount of Mitsubishi Units used in the system (this 12s delay will always occur whether there are 50 units or 1 unit on the M-Net Bus). Any other commands sent to the G50 during this 12s processing period will be ignored and dropped, as there is no internal buffering present in the G50 to store commands.
    It would be nice to work around this delay, but it isn't the end of the world.

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    Anyone have any advice? If not specifically for Crestron, perhaps someone can suggest, given the indoor and outdoor units listed, if I would be better going toward an AG-150 controller, and EB-50 controller, or a BAC-HD150 controller.

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    Not too many guys here mess around with residential control systems.

    My experience with the BAC-HD150 is mixed. While it seems to stay online, it doesn't allow for an unoccupied mode unless you’re going to handle all the logic in your controls. So you need to monitor space temperatures, and see if anyone has pressed the override button. If so you need to reoccupy the unit and send it back unoccupied after so many minutes. At least for the HD150, it’s a pretty bare bones setup.
    Propagating the formula.

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    Thanks! I'll focus my research on the AG-150 unit!

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