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    NCE - Lost Information overnight twice after re-adding points and an object

    Greetings all

    I noticed one morning that an NCE on site lost two points and after re-adding them, and also an interlock object, the same thing happened by the next morning (Today).

    I have reset the NCE, re-added the points and object, and reset the NCE a second time.

    I'm hoping this fixes the issue.

    Anyone else experienced this phenomena?

    The NCE is running on Metasys and

    Thank you in advance for any comments

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    I would take a look in the audit view and see what's happening around midnight. The NCE should be archiving its memory to non-volatile flash.
    The NCE could be crashing, not archiving, and reloading the previous day's archive..

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    Also, how many objects are on this engine, and is it a stand alone site, or does it report up to a ADS/ADX?

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    I have had almost the exact issue. The instructions below fixed the issue. The site had the issue at 6.0 and 7.0.

    The NAE side of the NCE, NAE35, or NAE45 may randomly reboot or may reboot nightly, just after midnight. The Last Restart Reason may indicate 'Unknown' or 'Software Watchdog'.
    Error Message:

    Last Restart Reason: Unknown

    The driver for the modem in Windows could get stuck in a loop that will cause the NxE CPU usage to grow very high (80% or more) and reboot. This driver is present in the flash image and can affect these devices even if they don't have an internal modem.

    Solution: In general the workaround should be applied until a future patch is available, unless the Serial Port connection is being used in lieu of an ethernet connection.

    Workaround: Disable the incoming connections to the serial port by setting the Allow Incoming Connections attribute to False (default is True) for the Serial Port Cable Config. The change can be made online and doesn't require a reboot to be effective, but would require you to Command an Archive on the NCE to force an onboard upload. If the change is made in SCT, a download will be required.

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