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    Warned by a friend who (did) HVAC to not set my temp too cold

    Just had a 4 ton Trane XL16i and Tam7 AH installed. I have a friend who (used) to do HVAC and he said I probably shouldn't set the temp below 70F on a hot day and most definitely should not go below 68F on a hot day. He said it could damage the system but there's something that can be added to prevent the damage??

    Not sure if he's full of poop but sounds fishy to me.......

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    First of all, a thermostat is not a throttle. Turning the thermostat down will not cool the house down any faster.
    If you turn the thermostat down low and your equipment doesn't have the capacity to cool the house when it's really hot outside means the equipment will never shut off. If the equipment is operating properly and the coil stays above freezing it shouldn't be a problem. But if you have a dirty filter, are low on charge or the duct work is undersized and you have insufficient airflow, the evaporator coil could freeze up and become a block of ice. This condition could cause serious damage to the equipment.
    With a properly sized system, you should expect your equipment to run continuously during maximum/minimum design temperatures. As I stated earlier, this should not be a problem if the system is functioning normally. Some higher end equipment will come equipped with a low pressure switch. A low pressure switch will shut down a system if the suction pressure fall too low in the event that the system is low on charge or you have restricted airflow. Some systems also might have a "freeze stat" to detect freezing of the evaporator coil and shut down the system.
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    if the system is designed properly, adjusting the home temp to 68 should not be a problem, however, as stated above, the system can freeze if conditions are right.
    those conditions are generally when it's NOT hot outside though.
    if it's above design conditions, and you set the thermostat below what the system can pull the house down to... it'll just run until it cools down enough outside to drop the indoor temp to the setpoint, or it'll freeze up the system and stop cooling the house, and potentially damage your compressor.
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    Thank you for the replies....I don't know I've had central AC in various houses and apartments my whole life and just never really thought about it. I like it cold at 68F and I'm hoping my new not inexpensive system can do what low quality builder specials have been able to do in the past.

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