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    Loud HVAC in residential units.

    I have metal circular duct work in our residential units. They are VERY loud. We have reduced the speed on the air handler and it helped a small amount but not enough.

    I have been given two suggestions I wanted to see if anyone had a opinion on;

    1. Insulate the duct work. I actually have seen this done in a renovated school project where the ducts were too loud and condensation occured. It worked perfect.

    2. Try DuctSox or some other inflatable duct system. I've read a few post on these and that does not seem to be a good solution.


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    You could try replacing a 8-10' section wit hthe same size flex. That's better that reducing airflow.

    The best solution is making sure the supply plenum has insulation/lagging in it. YOu similarly could insulate a 8-10' section of the main supply branches. Usually that's enough to cut the noise.

    I'm having a similar problem in my home with a fan powered humidifier. I'm going to replace a section of metal round duct with flex this fall. Should resolve the issue.

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    I have modified all-metal residential ducting with noise complaints by replacing the take-offs from the main trunk with flex. Keep it straight, kink free, and seal all fine and greatly reduces noise.

    I have also found rhat straight electric heat and heat pump air handlers are the worst when it comes to all-metal ducting with no internal lining due to the blower being downstream from the coil. Gas furnaces with the coil downstream from the blower are considerably more quiet.
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