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    Hmm Replacing a 20 year old heating / AC unit HELP !!!

    My wife and I live in SW Ontario and had Direct Energy in today to quote us on a replacement for our aged air system.....Our house is a four bedroom, 2 storey - unfinished basement - 2300 sq ft....front of the house faces due east.....we have had ALL the windows and doors replaced with Cayman vinyl windows (low E) (Brantford company) three years ago.....we were quoted the following

    1) High E Furnace Trane XV-TUY (XV-90) with a 12 year p/l warranty
    2) A/C Trane XR14 2.5 ton

    Cased coil - Prog thermostat - electrostatic filter - R/A assembly with filter rack - s/a trunk with Y connect ....

    with Ontarioo Gov rebates and GST - $1,000,000 net

    We would appreciate any comments !!!!
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    Site rules rule!!!!
    3. Home Owners - no pricing questions please

    Only people who actually see your job can price it. Also, this is a site to promote the learning of HVAC technical knowledge and as such, questions of the type "$5,000 for a XXX system, is this a good price?" do not fit in with the theme of the site. Home owners, do NOT post prices.

    Posts of this type will be deleted.

    Now that we got that out of the way. I can install it for a six pack and a pizza.
    Eat a slice of Humble Pie.

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    Sorry for the corny edit but we don't discuss another dealer's price. We can't see the job nor know local prices. Plus, many of us don't speak Canadian!

    Get a bid on comparable equipment from another respected dealer. Big difference, get a 3rd. Make sure all are doing the same exact work with comparable stuff. We can help you on that aspect.

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    Dont get hung up on trane or any one brand because thats whats lasted so long for you before. Theres other good quality units for cheaper im sure. And also remember you dont always have to use the BIG company who advertises everywhere and all that. Try to get a reference to a smaller liscensed company they WILL give you a better price. There are many smaller companys where you get the same work mabey because these people worked for these larger people before they went into buisness for themselves.Lower pricing doesnt always mean lower quality workmanship or lower quality units eithier. Im in TN. or I change it for u .

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