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Thread: Radiant heat

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    Radiant heat

    I am thinking about getting radiant heat in my new home I am building. I am curious, is radiant heat really produced by hot water and pipes that are placed below your floor, or are their other methods as well?

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    This may be better in the hydronic forum but yes in floor radiant is real lol. There's also cast baseboard and radiators.

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    Typically(and this varies by region) but a type of pex/upinor piping specific for a radiant floor will be installed in concrete slab or gypcrete floor for a new home build. You can also have it installed in warmboard or other radiant floor panels. Then water is circulated through the floor between 90 and 105F. This water can be heated by a boiler or tankless or heat pump, the most efficient is typically a ground source heat pump. Keep in mind that radiant can easily double the cost of the heating system or more and does not provide cooling.
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    Yes there are other methods as well for radiant floor heating.

    Interestingly and less expensive than HW piping and the very very common use of hydronics and geothermal and heatpumps and chillers (single cycle) for radiant fluids heating apps--- there is ducting of homes already requiring air conditioning and HW and more zoning ease such that the controlled warm air in ducting will radiate enough to have more comfort at the floors.

    Consider of say 96 to 102 degrees flowing through MORE 6" runs as possible, with where flooring is over acceptable areas as ceilings could contain in the joists some blanketing of a warm air layer below the floor. DONE.

    Homes done like this have more of the smaller 2x10 and 2x 12 registers and with MAJOR HIGH return airs (controlled or dampened in summer, if necessary) are near exactly and much less costly a distribution of under 11 BTUH per sq ft (some even better distributed).

    Some flooring with hole designs for just this is already available.

    GT can hydronically produce instant-full on-demand HW and Radiant from separate exchanges with some of 2 units and some of just one unit-system.

    I believe with several OEM;s available for all, it is to ask: Ht Cl HW and what kind of recovery-to-HW, etc, as a complete GeoThermal .

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