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    Melted Super Boost HSK


    I have several AC units in my house. One of the units is only blowing warm air, and I saw that the outside fan was not moving. I opened it up and it was full of cobwebs. After brushing everything out, I saw there was a "Super Boost Relay and Hard Start Capacitor, SPP6" attached via two black wires to the capacitor. I checked other units, and this HSK is not present on any of them.

    I'm pretty sure we had a similar problem with this same unit, so I'm guessing the tech installed this HSK at the time. It is now melted and it two pieces. I didn't remove the capacitor yet, but it may be slightly bowing at the top.

    Is it fine to just replace the capacitor? This is not a unit that is the biggest among my units, nor is it servicing the biggest zone in my house. I understand this HSK is a "boost", but was this likely a quick, cheap fix by the tech? I called the tech company, and they said they didn't scam me, but it was likely a cheaper fix that replacing a bad compressor.

    Any ideas? Can I just go to a local supply store and replace the capacitor? Is it wise to get a new HSK as well, or is that unnecessary?


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    Also, it worked fine yesterday, and it's clear to me that it melted awhile ago. Is it possible that - in the absence of a functioning HSK - that my compressor blew out?

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    Anyone? Bueller?

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    the super boost is a piece of crap in my opinion although there are many sold and installed . i woud want a oe start kit or the 521 compressor saver. time to call the service comany to check it

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    Quote Originally Posted by catmanacman View Post
    the super boost is a piece of crap in my opinion
    Not opinion, it is a fact that Super Boost start kits are pieces of crap...
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    An SPP6 Super Boost capacitor actually does not have a potential relay to remove the capacitor from the compressor circuit. It is simply a the thermal disc on top of the capacitor that opens once it gets warm from the startup and on hot days when the internal temperature of your outdoor unit is 90-100 degrees it is likely never to close and therefor isn't inline next time the compressor tries to start. Or in the situation you're having, the disc will get fused stuck together and keep it in the compressor circuit at which point it obviously gets very hot and can melt or I've even see them explode before. The proper OEM approved hard start capacitor is either a TO-5 or KS1 hard start kit with capacitor and potential realy?

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