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    CARRIER 5 ton 48vl vs. TRANE 5 ton xl14 is one better than the other?

    My 12 year old ruud package unit has been leaking Freon for 3 years off and on and no one can solve the problem. I am not sinking anymore money into it. Does anyone have any info to offer on the following 2 replacement units I am looking at. I live in southeast TN and run the ac 9 months a year. The house is 3200 sq ft with 3 levels. The old unit was a 4 ton. We have always had problems keeping the top level cool without freezing some people on the middle level, but hay, I like it cold. I have asked two companies if I could go to a 5 ton and after visually inspecting my ducts they both said they thought I could.

    Carrier 48VL 14 seer variable speed

    Trane XL14 14 seer variable speed

    There is only $200 difference in the price of these 2 units after rebate and tax credit. Does anyone have any experience with either of these units and is one better than the other?


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    If we are talking about package HP's the Trane 14C and 16c are great units. We install several hundred per year with very, very few problems.
    Having said the above ,I wonder about upsizing to 5 tons. It sounds like more of a ducting issue than a sizing issue. I would also question that a 4 ton duct system would handle the new 5 ton system! One thing VS motors don't like is high static duct systems.
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    It isn't a heat pump. It is a packaged gas furnace and ac unit.

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    Several ideas.

    So you are considering moving up in size from a 4 ton package system to a 5 ton for a three level home?

    Has dealer checked ductwork system to see if it can handle the extra 25% CfMs? I doubt it.

    I personally think you are expecting way too much from one package system to handle your dwelling's size and multi levels.

    But with that said, Trane's XL14c would be preferred over the Carrier Mdl 48 VL.
    Why? Trane model has a true var speed blower, the Carrier is only single speed high efficient, not var speed. Plus you would need to take options for st steel heat exchanger and tin plated coil on the Carrier. Yes, big deals.

    You will need a true two stage thermostat for Trane system.

    Still, if you expect reasonable comfort, I would have split zones with two systems.


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    The issue of uneven temperatures within a home is not solved by increasing the equipment size (i.e., 4 ton to 5 ton). Jim made a good point about it being a duct issue more than anything else -- I would take care of this first. Even minor to moderate changes in the existing design can make a big difference. All depends on what you currently have, but to repeat I would not increase the size of your existing unit without a proper load calculation suggesting the need to and especially not based upon a homeowner reporting uneven temperatures within their home. Bigger equipment cycles more, so your problems may very well become worse with the larger unit. If you like it cool now, you may end up liking it even "cooler" as you have to set the thermostat lower to remove enough humidity in the home to stay comfortable (with an oversized system). That means higher electricity bills and lesser performance out of your new system. But a load calculation should be done first to determine whatever size system is needed for your home; then duct issues should be addressed.

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    You make a valid point about the extra 25% CfMs.

    Is there a "special" way to check the ductwork? One salesperson looked at the ductwork in the walk space under my house, right next to the unit. That is the only duct work he saw. The other person went into the lowest level and moved some of the drop ceiling panels and looked at the duct work there. They both also noted that I have returns on the main floor and lowest level, but not the top floor. That is how the house was built in the late 70's.

    Other than the observations that they made, how could they analyze the duct work properly?

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    might be better to down size the unit and add a second unit for the 3rd floor. as has been said a bigger unit will probably make your problem worse . it is highly unlikely the duct work will flow 2000 cfm. ask them to check the static pressure
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