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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldLoonie View Post
    Then there's Carene-7!
    Carene-7 is R500.
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    I've seen r-12 in refrigerators and car a/cs. A few 500 units, but no res a/c units. must have been some old stuff.
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    I used to service a 5 ton R12 AC unit in a store for a few years & the new manager decided to call someone else to service it one summer. Later on in the week the manager's boss told him to call me when the AC guys couldn't get the thing running. I got there & all the pressure switches had been bypassed & the compressor was overheated. They kept adding R22 to get the pressures up & never read the plate on the unit that stated R12 refrigerant. In those days it was legal to vent R12 & R22 so it was a pretty easy fix.
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    In Vienna, Virginia in 1971 there was a home owner that took a walk-in box refrigeration system out and installed the evaporator in line with his duct work. That was an R12 system.

    It didn't work and we were installing a "new central air system" for his home using the existing furnace, of course.

    He never would tell us were he got the refrigeration unit. I consider his invention more a mistake than an A/C system though. Wish we had of taken pictures.
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    Sure; there were lots of R-12 systems - both residential and commercial. Then Carrier made a blend of R-12 & R-22 (I think) and called it R-500. That was less common than R-12 systems.

    R-22 was also used in car air conditioning. Chrysler used it.


    Quote Originally Posted by Pink Jazz View Post
    I have been reading some conflicting information concerning the use of R12 in residential HVAC systems. Some sites say that R12 was used in residential HVAC systems prior to the introduction of R22, while others state that R12 was used exclusively for automotive HVAC systems. Which is it?
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    I believe freon was a brand name like kleenex or what-not

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