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    Decision to make in choosing 1 of 3 possible A/C units

    I have to decide on an air conditioning unit. Have had 3 estimates and they have all said a 2.5 would be needed for the size of my home, windows etc.

    I have to make a decisionas to which of the 3 next units I will pick:

    1) American Standard 4TTB3030 (4A7B3030) (I was told both model #'s are for same unit.

    2) Rheem 13AJN030 or

    3) Amana GSX13030

    American Standard was quoted by same installer as only $100 more expensive.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Appears all of these are 2 1/2 ton AC condensers.

    I would want the AS Allegiance 13 with best matching AS evap coil. No third party coil.

    Not clear though about the model numbers given. The first number appears to be Trane's XB13 condenser, second number AS13. The Allegiance series is a nicer cabinet. Verify warranty.


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    The TTB is the same mechanically as the 4A7A3 without the sound dampening. A-S and Trane are using the 4TTB model # on both brands now. the 4A7B is gone. You might ask if the Allegiance 13 is a lot more money. Our supplier prices them about the same. And yes, matching Trane coil.

    We sell a lot of the 13AJN. We get them for less than American Standard. Made in Mexico, no frills, not particularly quiet especially the 2.5 ton.

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    why is nobody quoting the good stuff .
    We really need change now

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    Our salesmen are the same way. They assume, correctly most of the time, that people are looking for the lowest bid, not the best equipment.

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