I believe congress should be going after Greg Hicks the whistleblower along with Obams and Hillary and the rest of the gang.

Greg is a civil servant which makes him just as untrustworthy as a politician.

Greg didnt even answer several phone calls from Ambassador Stevens which could have meant help getting to Benghazi sooner and lives being saved.

Tripoli is where the video protest story started and I believe that it was Greg Hicks who was probably tweeting stuff like that and going on facebook and other sites when he should have been answering the phone calls from Ambassador Stevens who desperately calling Greg to see about getting some help.

Thanks Greg for being a typical civil servant... I guess you couldnt answer the phone because you were too busy on your smart phone tweeting and probably viewing other people facebook pages.

Greg is not a whistleblower.... he is a snitch....

A snitch is someone who knows they have done wrong but they sell everyone else down the river to save their own hide.