Looking for input from experienced Niagara Lon integrators, have a customer that has got a LNS network which is of a non-zero length domain, plus a already setup Niagara LON network with a zero length domain. I know that if you have a controller that had been commissioned with LNS, normally it will not discover, but if you press the service pin it will show up. However I really want to "Learn" the LNS network to save the links, not sure on the best way to do this, what happens to the Jace's LON network if I change the Domain now? If I "discover" the LNS devices by pressing all the service pins can I then learn them? Is it possible to intergrate the two networks into one without "breaking" one of them? Or should I just create a second LON network on the Jace with the correct domain for the LNS network?