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    Niagara network across subnets

    Im sure this has been answered before but I did a search but couldnt find anything. Can you add stations to the niagara network if they are on a completely different IP address/subnet? I think it can be done but Im just not sure if that is good practice or if there will be problems down the road.

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    Yes it can be done, so long as the proper ports are accessible (ie: 1911 or whatever you have the fox service setup for).

    As far as good practice, you just have to keep in mind that its not secure unless you enable SSL (or FOXS) which would probably be the recommended method. However, that requires AX 3.7 on both ends.

    If not, its not the end of the world... I believe that even the credentials are at least hashed in transit and even though its in cleartext I am unaware of any software that could take advantage of that (doesn't mean there isn't any). I think your safe unless you are a very paranoid internet user

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    OK thats good. I thought it would work just wanted to make sure. Thanks

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