Hello Brent,

I don't believe Steve said, "he blames the contractor and distributor for product failures." those are your words, not his.

What he did say was, "I believe we were at fault for some of our glitches, but the contractor and wholesalers also caused a good amount of problems that we were blamed for."

The first part of his compound sentence sure sounds a-lot like someone who accepts a faulty product to me. The second part clearly states, "a good amount of problems." Not product failure as you state.
I suppose its a matter of interpretation Brent.

I'm no psychologist, but reading his comments in their proper context, I believe what he was trying to say was, if a distributor or contractor returns a product for a credit or exchange under warranty with no paperwork, no proof of purchase, no approval, or if it has been flat out abused, then REFCO was blamed for such things.

With regards to your comment, "Explain to me how a contractor or distributor would cause the product to fail."
Oh I dunno, how about hooking up an unregulated nitrogen bottle to a manifold set. We get return manifolds where the sight glass is blown / cracked from the inside out.
How about getting a return vacuum pump where the oil has never been changed and it is completely black and burned up where someone has dumped motor oil into it and ran it to death.
People do dumb stuff to quality products all the time. Heck, I even filled my diesel truck with gasoline one time. Do you think Nissan was to blame? BTW Did you know the USA is the only country without 1/2 ton diesel pick-ups?
Again, it is all in the interpretation. Sometimes the issue is with the manufacturer, and sometimes it is with the end user.
You just have to take it on a case by case basis.

nuff said.