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Thanks Mark,

I appreciate your honest and direct feedback. I just printed and walked your comments into the CEO's office. I wanted him to see what people who work in the field say about REFCO products.
He advised me to send it to the VP of REFCO USA and ask for his comments. My intent on this is to make things better for you guys in the field and more importantly,...
make better products for those of you who use them.

Stay tuned, more to come.
It isn't so much that I've no interest in a Refco product, but more that I'm not really in the market for another digital manifold at the moment, unless it has some "WOW factor" feature that I decide I really want.
Refco makes some solid products that I like, I just wish there was a supplier in my area that carried a decent selection of them.

Just to add a little context to my previous post, I've been using digital refrigerant gauges exclusively for about 7 years, and have 5 working sets of them, from 3 manufacturers, that range between 3 and 9 years old. The only analogue refrigerant gauges I still own are in a junk box in my garage, even my burnout/recovery manifold has a digital gauge head on it.
I've tried a number of digital refrigerant gauge products, by various manufacturers, going back to the Tiff digital pressure gauges in the early 90's, and the Robinair digital refrigerant gauge(the one with the refrigerant keys) in the mid/late 90's.

I've got a lot of experience with a broad spectrum of digital refrigerant gauges, from dismal failures to products that are really quite good, and I'm fairly passionate about the need for digital refrigerant manifold when working on modern high efficiency HVAC/R equipment.

If your "I'd like to do a head to head field test to see how we stack up." comment is serious, I'd like to volunteer.
fair warning though, even with products I like, use every day, and recommend to others, I tend to be brutally honest about their flaws.

Nobody makes a perfect product.