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    Comfort view algorithims

    Most of our Carrier sites have no Best programms installed.

    However There are standard algorithims

    Most of our equipment is simple Packaged units with one or two compressors

    I have some compressors being disabled, and they have the tag called "control"
    With Johnson I know this would mean it is a control interlock.

    I know how to find and configure this with Johnson

    What am I looking for with Carrier Comfort View software?
    How can I add an algorithim?

    Is there literature I can download?

    Thank you very much

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    I would suggest using network manager for any advanced configuring. I am assuming you are using 6400 controllers. If so you need to right click on the device and it will give you a icon that says controller (I think that's the name) I don't have my computer handy to double check. Once you click on that link it will allow you to access the algorithim's and best ++ if there is any. You can't do any of this in comfortview. I can double check the actual name when I pull my laptop out. Hope this helps.
    refrigeration workers of Ontario

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    Yes I am using the Network manager and the Best++ editor

    What I am specfically looking for is
    literature describing in more detail

    the objects in the maintenance and configuration tables for the 6400


    The Network manager help is very limited

    Thank you

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    shoot me an e-mail and i'll send you back some "stuff"

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    i still use service tool. it makes the 6400 programming much easier for me.

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    If you open Windows explorer and goto the path:


    you should find an instal manual and an operation manual, which should bet you started.

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    I miss my service tool. It is still haunting me right now as I can see my old laptops hard drive from where I sit now. I cant seem to find an old toshiba laptop in decent condition to save my life. I guess I'll go check ebay again for the kazillionth time.

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    You can get the ComfortView Operation Manual here ...,00.html

    "Control" can show for a number of reasons, more than likely it is off under some control. Usually if Best++ has it under control, it will show "BEST".

    You can select the point's Value field from the Status Table, then under the Configure Menu, select Reference Tables. From there you can select the boxes at the lower left and it will show all the maintenence/configuraton tables that point is used in.

    To add algorithims, define points and for a tabbed view of the ones already there, select the controller in the left window, then under the Configure Menu, select Controller. The shortcut after selecting the controller is CTRL+F.

    If it is a 6400 and not a 1600, I have a 6400 testing setup. You can export the database and email it to me. I can load it and review the control sequence for that point.

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    As far as the CONTROL force that only comes from a AOPI-Analog Output Permissive Interlock or a DOPI-Discrete Output Permissive Interlock-they are used to override a standard algorithm under certain conditions then release themselves when those conditions are not met OR if some wiseguy changed his BEST program to a force priority of "7" instead the usual "8"(BEST force), some do that to mess with you.

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