I did address the issue, you were to busy listening to made in china. The products will never be sold in retail outlets because the sole purpose for Mike Jackson creating Ecoquest was to help others achieve what he had through Shaklee and Alpine. So it undermines the small business to distribute products that way. Oh and John, those are court documents? Consumer affairs hahaha! Ya ok! Read the FTC one, it says they are related companies. Not the same one. Mike Jackson got wealthy through Shaklee, moved on to Alpine and became their Exec eventually, he then bought Alpines marketing rights , RGF'S light industrial and residential divison, and marketing rights for infinity 2 and that is Ecoquest. I said we aren't the same company which your webflake documents other than the FTC one are written for the web and consumer affairs is often mistaken to have some validity by idiots mistaking it for consumer reports.
o-k, 1st thing, related company, same company, same difference. They are owned by the same group and one grew out of the other. Not the same company...just same owners, same products. To be honest i dont care.
The point of this whole thread is about uninformed people selling a product using misleading claims etc. I dont care if it was a company owned by Alpine, Budweiser or Hustler.
If you told me that you had a degree in IAQ from wherever or these are the training courses you have taken and this is why you have decided that this product serves this purpose in this condition, it would have a lot more merit.
All you are able to tell me is specs on equipment out of a book or numbers out of an ecoquest sales manual.
My mom is a medical transcriptionist and knows all the terms for many medical procedures and drug specs but if i need a whateverectomy i think ill go to the doctor.

Yes i should not have said court documents. But are those not government docs talking about the court case? .

Now the part about undermining small business.
Ya know what, i had about half a page typed out and i deleted it. I honestly dont want to get into a huge conversation on mlm in general.
I have no desire to go there. If you want to discuss that, start a new thread on that.
But i am very sure that if Carrier, York etc called them tomorrow and said hey, we wanna start selling these things at a wholesale level, there would be trucks being loaded the same day.

mbarson has given some truely good insight and advice.
If you have an interest in IAQ, go with it, learn all you can and get yourself into a real business. You will learn fast that there is a lot more to IAQ than throwing an air cleaner on your coffee table and quite honestly there is huge money to be made in that industry.