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Like I said before, why would NASA endorse it if it was junk...since they created the technology I would give the benefit of the doubt it isn't! Putting it on an official NASA site and saying it reduces exposure to harmful allergens counts as an endorsement. An unpaid one at that!
The "Certified Space Technology" seal is NOT, I repeat, NOT an endorsement for the effectiveness of any product. The sole criteria for qualifying for it is to incorporate a technology in a commercial product available to the public that was developed by or for the space program. No proof of effectiveness, safety, or usefulness of the product is implied by the "Certified Space Technology" program.
The sole reason the certification program exists is for PR for the space program.
The wright ups on the web site is the same sort of thing you will find in a news release for products at a trade show. Basically just stuff from the marketing materials for the products and quotes from representatives of the companies.