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    Problems with Ecoquest Dealers

    Recently I have been having some problems with Ecoquest dealers. In case you haven't heard this is a multi level marketing company selling products that they claim help with Indoor air quality. The dealers are the typical multi-level types - vacuum cleaner salesmen one day, indoor air quality experts the next. The products do not appear to be very effective. They also produce unacceptable levels of ozone - a serious issue for individuals with respiratory diseases. Their selling method is to scare the public about indoor air. Then they promise their prospective customers all kinds of unsubstantiated benefits including eliminating molds, bacteria and viruses and eliminating allergens and other particles in the air. They also claim health benefits for their products. In other words, the typical (but non-existent) IAQ panacea in a box.

    But my biggest issue is the dealers themselves. They are not knowlegeable or experienced. They are myopic and dogmatic in their beliefs. But the worst thing is that they disagree with others by going out of their way to be disagreeable. Their approach seems to be to attack those that criticize their products.

    Is anyone else having the same types of problems with these Ecoquest dealers?

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    You bring it on yourself. You instigate with people and then you make claims such as the ozone claim that is not only unsubstantiated but is outright false. Show me where in the U of C report it went over 50ppm, it didn't! On the contrary it said the opposite of what you said. It said that with continuous use in an area of 100m3 it can be run without exceeding 50ppm.

    And the fact that the U of C is the #1 environmental testing facility as far as colleges go...they say that it removes 80% of bioaerosols in 30 minutes with 90% of the remainder taken care of in the next 30.

    So now you attack us because you lie and we are quick to throw it in your face that you have done so. That makes us bad. Just because you push air doesn't make you an IAQ expert. You give a good sounding argument but you still haven't answered how your filter removes submicron particles, some of which don't even move with air...but with an electrical charge comes attraction and even if for the sake of an argument, if it didn't make them clump enough to drop them it would make them big enough to move and be caught by a gee, it would accentuate any system nicely.

    If you don't want to be the victem of a character assassination don't try to trash products that are proven to work and are marketed by people who are passionate about the product and helping people. So the case is that you made yourself look like a fool and when you can no longer discredit the problem, discredit the guy selling it. You are full of crap if you say you have tried our technology since the difference in the air is just feels better...

    This is a pathetic attempt on your part....maybe you should have read the report better before spouting your nonsense...try reading the words on the paper and not what you want to see!

    There are bad apples in every group, look at you for instance. Just because you spread misinformation in an attempt to cripple your competition doesn't make every filter peddler a POS! Just you.

    Too Bad we are far larger than any filter company and won't be going anywhere since we have had substainial growth every quarter since the days of the Alpine FTC issue...We are lookin at Fourtune 500 shortly and the billion dollar mark within 5-10yrs. We are and will always be the largest Healthier Living Technology Company in the world and if there is an eventual merger between EQ and RGF...amazing proportions! What keeps us going is the numbers of people who can tell people like you are full of crap because of the amazing results from free trials. People that have issues and then install a unit and the issues are gone will be the first to tell you that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    I see that your point about trying one was merely to mislead people into believing you can get them on ebay for $150...good luck with that. $500 with no waranty or support...hmm...the extra $200 for someone to work with you is worth every penny. I stay in contact with all my customers and the one who wasn't sure if they liked it is now buying I guess that is a yes! Karma takes care of people like you...which is why our business is thriving! You get back what you give, being a slimeball doesn't usually account for blessings in the grand scheme of things. I could see if you were pointing out truths, then it would be different, but you are just straight out dirty!

    ...and so is you air! hahah

    Unacceptable ozone? Not by the EPA standard!
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    Lets see if the U of C exec summary says what you did??Course not!

    University of Cincinnati Executive Summary
    Executive Summary
    University of Cincinnati Test Results
    EcoQuest Fresh Air Technology
    Testing of EcoQuest’s Fresh Air Technology has been performed over an 18 month period at the Center for Health-Related Aerosol Studies in the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Cincinnati under the direction of Dr. Sergey Grinshpun, Professor.*
    Testing included two technologies used in the Fresh Air system; Negative Ionization and Photocatalysis (an innovative proprietary Photocatalytic Reactor called Radiant Catalytic Ionization).
    Each technology was evaluated independently:*
    -********* Fresh Air Ionization technology was able to reduce airborne particles from indoor air by up to 250 times over natural decay (gravity)
    -********* Fresh Air Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) was able to inactivate approximately 90% of airborne microorganisms in less than 60 minutes.* The microorganisms tested were MS2 Virus and B. Subtilis (used as a surrogate for Anthrax).
    Dr. Grinshpun also concluded that the combination of the two technologies provided a much more significant reduction of airborne biocontaminants than either of the two technologies working independently.* This conclusion validates the synergistic effect of Fresh Air’s multiple technology strategy.*
    About the Author:
    Dr. Grinshpun is one of the most respected scientists in this important field of Aerosol Studies.* Through his career, Dr. Grinshpun authored or co-authored about 390 scientific publications, including 120+ original articles in peer-reviewed journals, 90 book chapters and full proceeding papers, as well as about 180 conference abstracts. He has served as a reviewer, panel member or consultant to several federal agencies and professional associations nationally and internationally as well as for major companies and research institutions. He has also served on the Editorial Boards of four journals with international circulation. Dr. Grinshpun’s accomplishments in aerosol research were recognized through the International Smoluchowski Award from the European Aerosol Assembly (1996, The Netherlands), the AIHA Outstanding Aerosol Paper Award (1997, USA), and the David L. Swift Memorial Award (2001, USA). He also received two John M. White Awards from AIHA (1997, 1998, USA) for his contribution to respiratory protection studies and Best Practice Award from the US Department of HUD (2000) for his studies of leaded particles in indoor air.
    About the University:
    University of Cincinnati is one of America’s foremost Universities for Environmental Health.
    About the Testing:
    The testing by Dr. Grinshpun and his team focused on controlling aerosol contaminants in the indoor air through the application of two technology strategies:
    1.Particle Concentration Reduction due to Unipolar Ion Emission
    2.Microbial Inactivation due to the Photocatalytic reaction promoted by a Photocatalytic process called RCI (Radiant Catalytic Ionization)
    The Results:
    The paper concludes that the utilization of two mechanisms; ionization and oxidation, provide for significantly less exposure to potentially harmful contaminates in the air than either mechanism independently. *
    This conclusion is supported by showing ion induced air cleaning removes about 80% of viable airborne pathogens from a room air in 30 min, and the RCI-induced photoxidation inactivates about 90% of the remaining airborne microorganisms.* The combination of both mechanisms resulted in an overall aerosol exposure reduction after 30 min by a factor of about 50, or an overall reduction/inactivation of approximately 98%.
    The two active contaminants evaluated were:
    1.B. subtilis bacteria
    2.MS2 virions
    This research was peer reviewed and published in the journal of Environmental Science and Technology, January 2007, pages 606-612.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breathe easy View Post
    The dealers are the typical multi-level types - vacuum cleaner salesmen one day, indoor air quality experts the next.
    Although I agree with much of what you posted I disagree with this statement. Not all MLM ideas are the same. Instead of relying on your biased opinions of MLMers you should do a little more research to come up with a more balanced view. Not all MLM's are based upon the ideals of Ecoquest, Kirby, Amway or Quixstar.

    Thank you.

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    Special Ed, I am curious what ideals you are talking about. If you talk to companies like UCFS lending, a finance company they will tell you that Eq dealers are usually far more polite than the other companies they deal with, but we are all human. The MLM template is really that of a great business plan. That is what sets EQ a part from the others. We were rated the best compensation plan in the world for the last 4 yrs and they guy on the bottom has the opportunity to make money right away.

    I don't do hard recruiting like some dealer do...I retail and some people are just so impressed with the product they ask to sign up.

    *<Hands can of worms back to breatheasy>*
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    Didn't say ideals, I said ideas. Big difference.

    Some MLM's push products, e.g., Ecoquest, Kirby, Amway/Qixstar, Avon & Mary Kay, others push services &/or savings. The ones that push products require that you carry a stock of their items which are usually over-priced & equivalents can usually be found through traditional retailers at a much less expensive price. It's also recommended that you continually recruit other distributors to help push the product so you might eventually make a fortune, but since they only pay to a certain "depth" you can easily plateau in your earnings. Through this business philosophy I can't see how Ecoquest has earned the coveted "Best Compensation Plan".

    I prefer the MLM's that pay to unlimited depth, don't require me to maintain a stock of their items & sell savings rather than products. Also, they don't require me to sell something that actually really needs to be sold by someone that has dedicated their lives to a certain field, such as IAQ. But that's just my humble opinion.

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    That is a good answer. The reason why EQ gets best compensation plan is due to the fact that the guy on the bottom makes over 200 per sale whereas the guy on the top makes almost 300. For instance I am an associate manager level so if someone on the bottom purchases something I get 22%, if they are on the second level I get 16% and so on, however that percentage gets taken out of the 48% that the sales manager above me gets so the person on the top actually makes less as I make more, however when I make manager he will get 8% of my total which that 8% will be more than the 48% of the person on the bottom, so it is a really fair business. That is what people don't understand is that the opportunity is great for everyone no matter where they are in the line. Recruiting is fine but we don't try to just sign people up and get success packs so we can get a residual only to leave the person high and dry. The most successful people in EQ use a drawn out interview process that you have to be a devoted person to make it through because it is aggrivating. Don't get me wrong, there are some scumbags in the company that will do that but that isn't an accepted practice. I made about $3100. in my first 6 weeks part time which is great as far as I am concerned. It is a lot of work to make sales MGR but the average MGR gets a $7000. bonus check each month and an $800per/month car allowance. Plus we get Shares in BMW and travel cash to spend on events or going to wherever we want as long as it is to show the unit or the business. They even do manager cruises to Hong Kong and other places.

    There is a lot more to it than that. I have 5 people in my downline but one was a mistake that I jumped the gun on. in the beginning, he hasn't bought anything...and doesn't market the products because his remediation company is growing too fast and has no time. I only have one strong person in my group so I need 3 more before I will strt bringing in good size bonus checks. The guy that I do have that is strong is the environmental mission support guy from Pope AF base in NC.

    I don't keep a lot of inventory, about 6 units and EQ lets you finance them with 0 interest so i just sell them and pay off the cost and keep the profit.

    Bob Giddens is our top earner, he is at the top and makes a little off of everything. He was originally from Shaklee and was making $80k a year and now makes $150k per month with EQ but he is an exception, very few make anything even remotely close. My MGR has only been with EQ for 2 yrs and has a bonus car and makes several thousand a month but he is a good MGR and works with everyone to help them succeed. I am fortunate.

    EQ has 60 million in bonus cars on the street right now. Also we are encouraged to not stock up on vitamins and stuff because it is easier to have sales go througfh the website and then I make more and and they pay less. Plus then if you aren't happy with it you can send what is left back within30 days for a full refund.

    Every MLM has it's drawbacks but so does every business. You sound like Ameriplan would be perfect for you, since you like to sell savings without inventory.

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    Never heard of 'em. Maybe I'll Google them. But your MLM seems like a fair amount of work & it sounds like the comp. plan is good, but I think I'll stick with what I'm involved in right now, no offense. $150k a month ain't bad but I've heard that some of the top-earners in my co. are possibly doing better. Maybe one day I'll reach their level. Hopefully.

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