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    Staefa Smart2 Integration to Ax

    I'm new to Ax, and I'm waiting for the certification class this summer. I have tinkered in Ax on multiple systems performing service work. With that being said, I recently had a customer contact me regarding installing a new front end for a large number of Staefa smart 2 VAV cards, and a couple DDC cards. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this integration and if so I was hoping someone could answer some of the questions I have.
    Is there a reliable driver on the market?
    How much control will the customer have over the SM2 points?
    Is this a time consuming process, and if so is there a breaking point of replacement versus integration?
    I appreciate the help, this is a long standing customer of mine and the last thing I want to do is give him a system that's difficult to use or lacks control.

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    We had a couple of buildings that were done in R2 with the Smart II driver. It was quite good. I'm not sure if the AX driver is out there or not, but I would bet it is.
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    I've done a lot of these and you get everything from a control standpoint . The only draw back is that you have to install a TTL to RS485 converter for each trunk, the driver is expensive and you lose SM Dialog.

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    Smart II Sequence of Operation

    We are doing a Smart II/AX Application at the moment. We are trying to find an object in the smart II that shows the CFM reading and not the FPM reading. Any suggestions?

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    Airflow is always on Input 3.
    The driver (Siemens/Steafa version) should read what ever data is in the controller. Meaning if Input 3 is set to read FPM instead of CFM it will report FPM back.
    That said I have seen the driver read counts (0-225) on the Analog Inputs before.
    I have a SM2 manual in PDF if you want it.

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