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    Lonmark Profile Conformance

    If I purchase two VAV controllers from two different manufacturers, but both conforming to the 8010 profile, does this mean they will behave the same? I.e does the 8010 conformance extend to the logic of how the controller operates or is it simply defining what information can/is to be shared?

    I am working on a project where the consultant has specified that the VAVs must conform to Lonmark profile 8010; but they have then specified a fairly non-standard control logic for the operation of the parallel fan and electric reheat (in particular, ramping the primary airflow down from minimum to 0 L/s AFTER the terminal load reaches 0, i.e. while in deadband, and at the same time ramping the parallel fan speed up)

    I know the ASC VAV that I have conforms to 8010 but there is no way I can make it do the tricks they want; hence my question.

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    1. No.
    2. Defining what information can be shared... by extension there is some operational characteristics that would follow. For instance, Terminal Load.

    See Lonmark 8010 Profile

    What you need to do is inform the specification engineer of the operational difference and ask him which manufacturer's optional operation this is from and whether or not your conforming VAV is acceptable in it's place as both follow Lonmark profile 8010. It appears that the device specified exceeds operational minimums in the area he is interested in.

    Lonmark isn't here to step on everybody to make their ASC's identical. Only that the important information is available so you can have the best chance of achieving your operational goals with mixed controller networks. When you think about it the idea is sound as anything may happen next year. The vendor you are using may go belly-up or change gears.... at least all your sites aren't obsoleted.... like what used to happen with regularity with companies like Carrier and Trane and their controls like Parker/CCS etc....

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