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    Mitsubishi Mr Slim heat pump operating issues,MXZ-4B36NA, MSZGE09 (4), MSZGE15NA (1)

    I had a quad system Mitsubishi heat pump (MXZ-4B36NA, MSZGE09 (4), MSZGE15NA (1)) installed 08/11. It was installed by a professional but unfortunately he has moved and cant help me with the diagnosis.

    A month ago, the light on the evaporator (interior units) started to blink after about 2-3 minutes of startup (same for all 4 evaps) and would then shut off.

    I do not hear the compressor turn on anymore. The blinking LED on the evaps are supposed to give a blink pattern but they blink consistently without any pattern. So the compressor LED also have a blink pattern, so I figured I could use that to get to the failure mode table in the manual, but one of the 30 amp fuse (disconnect switch (2-30amp fuses) next to compressor) was blown. And at replacement and startup, the fuse blew again. Without power I cant read the compressor LED blink pattern to get to the failure mode table.

    Any ideas why the disconnect switch fuse keeps blowing? I dont think its a charging issue, some sort of a short. Compressor?

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    Hmm I'm gonna go with a dead short time to call someone out before it bites you or someone else

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    Go to the Mitisubishi site and find a certefied contractor in your area.

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    I've tried a few times, I get an error on that contractor location site.

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    If your compressor is a burnout, do yourself a favor buy a new unit, it will be cheaper in the end.

    As to finding a dealer to properly fix this unit, you would be best to look for a Diamond Dealer, these have been trained at a Mitsubishi site. Have your original installing contractor refer another contactor to service your unit.

    These units are complex to most contractors, when a compressor has a burn out other components can be effected.
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    I've had an electrician and HVAC tech come out and after disconnecting the wiring to the air handler units and the compressor on the board, the L2 has a short to ground. So this rules out the compressor, air handler units and the wiring from the house.

    Mitsubishi's tech line returns the call 2-3 hrs after the fact and I cant have them just waiting around accruing fees. Any better way to isolate the issue further?

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    I finally got a diamond contractor to come out and take a look. Looks like the compressor is toast. There is a short to ground on all three, U, V, and W coils.

    But he wants to charge $ for labor. It's still under warranty. Isn't that outrageous for 4 hours of work?
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    Lol sorry but did you think about the other materials, licensing, insurance, vehicle, tools to do it, refrigerant, etc etc. and if he's a diamond dealer I'm sure he will be there to stand behind it if it goes south again

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    Sorry, we don't discuss prices here.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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