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    Lennox XP14 repair - void warranty?

    My 4 yr old Lennox XP14 lost its refrigerant 2 yrs ago. Lennox dealer said leak was in underground lines. Didn't seem right. My son (a builder) had a friend come out while we were gone. Friend is not licensed but his firm is. Friend found a leak near the TXV valve on the suction line. He braised it and added the refrigerant without our knowledge. He did the work on his own, not through his company so no receipt. Worked fine. A year later, started having problems with breakers tripping. Replaced breakers. Also had to replace a heat sequencer. In Jan. our electric bill was high, then Feb. was quite high. Found the breaker to the outside unit was tripped. Called dealer.... couldn't find the problem. He called another heat pump dealer in our area. 2nd dealer came out, said our compressor is bad. In the process of replacing it. Still under warranty. Question...... will the repair done by the friend void the warranty?

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    I sure wouldn't see why it would.

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    They should still honor the warranty. Make sure they replace the filter drier when they change the compressor. I would also recommend replacing the TXV while you already have the system open simply because you had an unlicensed individual brazing near the valve and who knows if he wrapped the TXV in wet rags to protect it from the heat. Im guessing probably not.

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    Thank you for the advice, Brian. Will check with the friend whether he protected the TXV. Can hardly afford the cost of labor & refrigerant on this warranteed compressor much less more parts!!! After this replacement, we will have spent almost half of what the system (minus ductwork) cost originally! And there's still a problem that the dealer doesn't want to deal with until the compressor is replaced. I think we got a lemon!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bacs46 View Post
    I think we got a lemon!!!
    No such product, if this unit had been installed correctly and repaired correctly to begin with it would still be working perfectly. I would assume if the dealer thought the underground lines were leaking the new unit was hooked up to old piping? Was the piping internally cleaned? A leak on the suction line near the TXV in the condenser, would take a bit more then brazing and recharging.

    The unit would need to reclaimed, dryers should have been installed, on a R-410a heat pump a refrigerant leak should also be accompanied by a good evacuation down to 500 microns, I would go for a triple evacuation breaking the vacuum with a couple psi of nitrogen each time. These POE oil filled units and especially as heat pumps do not take kindly to any kind of refrigerant leak that results in moisture entering the system.

    I just replaced the compressor in a Trane heat pump ( I did not install) also under warranty. Initially I found multiple leaks at bad soft solder joints on the suction and liquid connections at the condenser. It was late in the heating season, I suggest it would be best to wait until spring to make these repairs properly. The customer declined my advice, instead optioning to gas the unit up, and see if he could get a month more of heating out if it, as his electric bill doubled without the heat pump.

    Yes these repairs are expensive, manufacturers warranties cover only the actual part. Silver based welding material, refrigerant disposal, and replacement, filter driers, time to process warranties and pick up and install the parts are all not covered. I told this customer if the motor in his Benz when bad, the car company handed a motor to a mechanic and said here the part is free go install it. Would you think the bill would be low?

    Installing a compressor and taking shortcuts to effect a low price is really just a wasted effort, the end result should be to restore the unit to as close to original factory condition.

    That Trane compressor replacement included running my vacuum pump for 3 days, with stops to change the oil in the vacuum pump.

    No disrespect to your son, but builders usually seek out the least qualified companies to do hvac work. These are the low priced companies that keep the builders bottom line where he wants it.

    80% of my work is fixing hackery, or just general poor design of systems. So don't get me wrong I wish there was absolutely no regulation of the hvac industry, customers would be more savvy when they buy a house or hire a contractor. The way the system is now folks just believe the government has their back, or if the contractor has a pretty truck he knows what to do.
    “You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.” Jim Rohn

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    it would probably be best not to tell about the leak repair
    that way its a non issue

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