BACnet Loop point in JCI NAE
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    BACnet Loop point in JCI NAE

    hello everyone,
    I have a BACnet/IP fcu controller of distech controls and i want to integrate it in an JCI NAE. The problem is that the setpoint point is a loop point (i saw it with a distech controls tool) and from auto discovery of the NAE this point is not discovered. How can i insert this point, in the manual insert point wizard i do not have this option for inserting a loop point.
    Thanks in advance

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    From another post a long time ago it was determined that some NAE do not support BACnet control loops. From the PICS here:, it appears that it is the MS-NAE85xx-xx series. Not sure about the Distech product line, with s
    ome more info you can check it's PICS, but most lines support BACnet control loops.

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