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    Do I need to hook up optional outdoor temp sensor?

    There is second outdoor temp sensor, diagram says optional. It has capillary tube and bulb, 2 wires and knob (adjustment or on-off). One wire goes to Defrost control another one is not connected but has little piece of white wire so it was connected some time ago. It is 92 American Standard.
    My "new old" HP works fine as AC but didn't have defrost (heating stopped after awhile), I found disconnected "test" wire and hooked it up to "normal" pin, it should work fine tonight. Solder works fine so far, small mapp-oxigen torch didn't do job so I gave up on brasing. I overcharged HP as usually. Stupid waste of money. I want to make it work perfect, I'll get couple thermometers to check overheat temperature.
    Thanks for comments about sensor.

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    Good bye.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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