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    using multiple heat sinks for a water source heat pump, I.E. slab, pool, pond, geo...


    I am considering a water source heat pump for energy efficiency, on a home I will buy in the near future. I would likely install the system myself, as I do work at an AC company, and know the basics, but need advice on the more advanced sides of the equations. What would be my best source for a heat sink / where to put the heat to cool the home? Have a hole drilled? Could I put some of the heat into a hot tub, or pool? would a concrete slab in a shaded area provide an adequate heat sink? Can I setup controls, such as DDC controls, so switch between the best heatsink available, say, if I did a geothermal loop, a pool/pond loop, and a concrete slab loop?

    Are geothermal loops a good choice everywhere, or does the water table play a role in the ultimate effiency of the unit?

    In the winter, I'd like to use a stained black slab as the heat source, as it should soak up a good portion of the sun's heat.

    Any ideas, arguments, warnings, or advice would be greatly appriciated.

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    Actually, using the pool as a heat sink should work out pretty well for the first 300,000-600,000 btu of heat rejection per day, depending on the the size, shade conditions, etc. of the pool. Make sure to use a titanium heat exchanger for the pool water! You might want to check out the heat recovery pool heater kit offered by hotspot sounds like it might be close to what you are looking for.

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    Please find there are pros awaiting a call from you.

    Yes Yes and Yes we can design, list parts and just not in this venue.

    Start looking over: link: and choose an OEM and have them steer you to qualified pros . Some will travel the country to help you for a profit.

    REM: Highest listed COP's do not mean highest savings, shortest ROI's, as systems run now Variable and staged in low to medium speeds and to do more than you asked. SIMPLY TOO, getting some pro, that is, will save you more than DIY appeal.

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