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    Hello guys and gals!


    I am currently employed at an AC company in the estimating side of things. I know the basics about how systems work, and the basics about how much they cost. I repair my car AC systems, am currently pursuing a degree in physics, and know the basics about why AC systems are designed the way they do. This is just the forum I've been looking for! I joined to ask a few questions in verious sections. I am looking to be a first time home buyer in the near future and want the most energy efficient system possible. My interests are mini splits, and water source heat pumps, as far as cooling goes, anyways. As far as heating I believe gas, or wood fired heating may be more economical but I haven't done any of the math, besides, in Georgia we only have to heat a few months out of the year. Will be posting various questions in various sections of the forum and look forward to hearing from the more experienced and educated forum members!


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    You'll find real experts here for sure. I am below curve for most part but I pick up lots of info here. Welcome.
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