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    Honeywell CT3611 Problem?

    I have a honeywell ct3611 paired up with a heat pump and it is working fine in normal operations but if I bump the temperature up from a setpoint of 40 degrees (which is it's programmed temperature when nobody is home) to 68 degrees, it will heat the house up to greater than 70 degrees. The 70 degree reading will display on the thermostat and it continues to warm the house even though it is set at 68. I have tried setting the setpoint down one degree at a time and it will finally shut down the heat pump at a setting of 65 degrees. This only happens when the temperature is changed manually, it works ok if left alone in run mode. Is there some hysteris setting on these stats that comes into play when manually changing the temperature?


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    Anybody have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance

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