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    reversing valve midporting?

    i installed a rheem split rhka..024 and cant remember the ahu # for a customer and
    usually just install but weve been busy lately and i got the call to go see why the customers heat wasnt working.......
    i found a copeland scroll seeming to run but no pressure differential so i changed it out under warranty...
    i started it up in ac to get required charge in system and pressures seemed on the nose for a 50 degree day with inside temp of 70..(she is using strips only from advice from our company)
    i started up in heating and suction went into vacuum and head pressure rose over 200 and started going lower...
    the 240v rev valve coil was pulling .1 amps...... keep in mind i usually install units electrically and copper and controls and i am confuzzled here
    anyone have any help ??

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    240v Reversing valve coil?
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    Could be many things but I would check the txv in the outdoor unit. Maybe you can go out with a tech and let him trouble shoot it. Watch what he does and ask questions. Good Luck!

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    Ya need to apply for Pro status.....

    Is it just me,

    Last year it was de-frost controls.......

    This year it has been, pump down issues...bad TEV or orafice......

    This could be your problem...

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    nah,,,,,, fixed orifices on ahu and outdoor unit,

    kinda puzzles me

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    Metering pistons can also become restricted.
    If pressures appear to be normal in cool mode but not in heat mode, I would suspect a restiction in the refrigerant circuit.
    R/V's can be difficult to diagnose but it's also a real possibility.
    Be sure that you are getting correct power to the R/V.
    If you are, recover refrigerant and start with your outdoor unit piston.

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