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    Another reminder to be careful on those ladders!

    I came across this old report on the death of a HVAC mech. who fell to his death.

    I posted it with the purpose of reminding us to be safe!!!
    I miss you mom and dad.

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    It realy makes you step back and think, how many times have you climbed a ladder with something in your hand? It is a dangerous profession and I think alot of us take things for granted at times.

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    About 3 years ago, I was servicing a bunch of RTU's on a building... Vertical ladder about 15 ft high off concrete, to a roof hatch (mounted correctly, not backwards).

    I was climbing with my Veto on my shoulder (yeah, not wise)... when I got to the top and braced myself to put the Veto out onto the roof... the reality of how dangerous this is became clear... Decided I was getting too old to do RTU's... let those customers go.

    Do only Resi work now... keep my feet on the ground (except for attics).

    Quality work at a fair price with excellent customer service!

    Romans Ch's 5-6-7-8

    2 Chronicles 7:14

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