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    Confused thumb rule for Facility Management in office


    Can anybody share thumb rules for facility management
    - Eg: What is the thumb rule for AC i.e. for 1 ton how much area will be covered.
    - STPlant - parameter for water maintenance bod/cod/ suspended solids etc
    - Thumb rule for employing HK staff etc.


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    Rule of thumb, "do not use rule of thumb"

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    Employing rules of thumb can get you in serious trouble. Engineers have full time jobs calculating commercial loads in buildings. There are just too many variabes. Chemical treatment should also be subbed to a good company that specializes in it. Water makeup is different everywhere and there is no cookie cutter solution. You can damage your equipment by guessing. That said we blow down our towers at 1600 and our makeup is about 400. I don't know what HK is.

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