I reveived a call from a customer whose complaint was odors. The gas company had shut off gas to the unit. I turned the gas back on.....with the OUTSIDE valve(it was installed before codes required it to be within 6 feet!!!) I walked back in and smelled gas when I got within 8 feet of the fireplace. I found a loose connection at the back of the control valve and told the owner, who was looking over my shoulder, that his installer hadn't tightened a connection. His response was "I know it was tight. I installed it myself 18 months ago."


Well, it seems that he has screwed a flair fitting into a pipe threaded hole.......can you say major gas leak for the last 18 months? I politely informed him that the $200 he saved by installing it himself almost cost him his $1,000,000 home!!!!

The moral of the story is, let the professional handle your HVAC and gas fireplaces........your life depends upon it !!!