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Thread: Harman PF-100

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    Harman PF-100

    Hey guys need help. My parents called me to look at their PF-100. Error code shows an exhaust sensor probe issue. Unit will not come above the "pilot fire" mode. Ohm tested the sensor and with it in ambient air (65-68*) I get a reading of 180 ohms. Is this about right? Looking for a solution to get them through the weekend, parts aren't available until Monday am.
    PS I am a service tech, just don't work on pellet fired much (like at all).

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    Unhappy limited help here

    Most pellet stove issues are traced back to a lack of thorough cleaning. Your manual should assist you in that or you can download instructions from Harman's site:

    Otherwise, read the Site Rules- no DIY advice here. Sorry.

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